How it works


We want to offer you a way to showcase your work. Publish your services on Grizup. Doing so doesn’t cost anything and it will always be free. We want to help you to reach your GOAL “TO RISE UP”.  It’s easy to use, all you have to do is tell us about yourself: tell us who you are, what you do… update your calendar and you’re ready for your next gig!


Make sure to describe your services in detail, talk about the tools you own in order to simplify the client’s choice. You know exactly what you’re worth. Establish your price and update your calendar to let everyone know when and where you’re available! You can set up more specific prices depending on the range of services you offer….all done easily thanks to our calendar!

Publish your services on grizup


Now that you’ve been contacted for your first gig all you have to do is accept your client’s request. You will receive a notification both via Grizup and e-mail. Accept or reject the request! We also give you the possibility to chat freely with your clients thanks to our chat.

Respond to event requests via chat


It’s time to show up for your gig! It’s time to reach your goal. It’s GRIZUP time! Improve your skills and expand your business! Don’t forget that your clients can leave you a feedback and you can do the same for them in order to share your experience with other users.

P.S. If you can’t make it to the gig, be sure to let your client know, otherwise you could be reported or removed from Grizup.

Get ready for your event gig


Want to organize a party but not sure where to find the right people? Grizup provides you with a new, simple way to do so.

Look for the services you need by simple choosing WHO/WHAT, WHERE and WHEN in our search bar!

You can see user profiles and reviews which will help you make the right choice in choosing the professional you need. Look at pricing and availability for these services thanks to our calendar.

Don't forget to fill out your profile! Let users know what type of client you are!

Search event services


Found a service provider that's right for you ? Confirm the date, select the service you'd like and send them a request. The user can then accept or reject the request or contact you for further info thanks to our chat!

Hire someone for event gig


As soon as you receive a confirmation all you have to do is get ready for your party!

Remember to contact service providers to remind them of the date, time and location. Should you have to cancel your event for any reason, make sure you let the service provider know in time. Otherwise, you could be reported or removed from Grizup.


Share your feedback for the users you've hired. This will help improve the Grizup experience for other users.

enjoy your event