About us 

Grizup is a portal that enables its users to buy and/or offer party services in any city around the world.

Planning a party just got easier! Looking for a bouncer or bartender? Contact one near you. Whether you DJ, provide a party location, or do work as a photographer, our aim is to be your link to your next gig. Just starting out? Looking for experience? Grow with us and remember the goal is to RISE UP!


Creating economic and social value on a global scale by providing an online platform to simplify event planning.



Revolutionize the entire process of organizing an event and create more and more relationships among users.


Planning an event has never been easier. 

Grizup was inspired by the difficulty encountered in finding freelance professionals in this field in a single portal. The basis for the site is to allow anyone to freely offer their passions and expand their business! We aim to be a reference point for rookies who are looking to up their game. Our goal is to help people find the services that they need for their next event in the easiest, simplest way.


"My idea is for Grizup to be a portal for service providers to be able to display their skills and availability to their local public. At Grizup, we make it our goal to help you achieve your goal of becoming an experienced photographer or reknown DJ. We offer you a platform where you can offer services even if you are just starting out in your field. It's the perfect opportunity to grow as a professional and to expand your network."

(F.P. - Founder)